Administrator Application Template

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Administrator Application Template

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:43 pm

Hello Users,

Would you like to take the front line and apply for admin on our server? Well here's the place for you. If you think you got what it takes apply now don't waste time!

SteamID64 (if you need it go to




Timezone (eg: GMT+15)

Why Should We Hire You?

How long have you dedicated your time on the server?

Have you had experience being administrator on another game?

How many hours can you be on the server?

If a member of staff is abusing powers what would you do?

What would you do if a user in the server was being racist,bullying,threatening ect?

FAQ about applications?

Q:How long do I have to spend to be Administrator on the server?

A: Atleast a week + time time spent on the Sever to be able to apply.

Q: Will I deffently get the job?

A: We are not picky, We try to pick our staff as professionally as we can to suit the best for our server & forum.

Q: If I get the job how long will it take to get my admin?

A: We Will add your rank straight away so you can start working.

A: Am I Allowed to drop myself guns or drop them for people?

Q: Dropping guns for yourself is allowed but dropping guns for users is NOT allowed users are allowed to report any admins dropping weapon (or modifying people's weapons) will result in a official admin warning.

Good luck all members applying!

Admin (Allahu Akbar)

AusNation Server Admin.


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